Just went fishing with Black Dagger had a wonderful time and all the guys and volunteers where great
Thanks guys for a great time

Having worked with them I give my full support and ask everyone who sees this page to support this outstanding ministry and charity

WARRIORS helping to heal WARRIORS!!! GOD BLESS YOU GUYS for what you are doing!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Considering I had never used a firearm – the guys here were absolutely fantastic at insuring my education of each weapon and the safety during use. I love their support of the armed forces both stateside and abroad, making us feel like VIPs. Simply put, BEST.DAY.EVER! Keep up the good work! xx

Black Daggers are the best. This is the best thing I have ever seen – for them to make these people’s dreams come true. The Black Dagger guys should be so proud of their self because I sure am proud of them.  God Bless you guys!

I only JUST heard about this organization, but I heartily give them 5 stars. Any group that offers opportunities to our veterans to help them regain anything they may have lost deserves our support and respect. Remember, every day 22 veterans commit suicide. That’s 22 too many. Groups like this don’t just offer recreation, they offer life saving therapy without psychiatrists and psychotropic medications. Thank you for your service to our veterans!

Thoughtful multifaceted services. Providing those who’ve served with empowerment & increased function.

The opportunity to work with warriors is an earned priveledge. The bond these men and women have made has nothing but great results

What a great organization of people. Helping our wounded vets is one of the greatest things I can think of and these folks do a wonderful job.