Africa 2018

Help us raise funds for two wounded spec ops troops going to Africa on a safari. 

The pie chart tracks our goal. Take a "bite of the pie" and Donate today.

The pie chart tracks our goal. Take a “bite of the pie” and Donate today.

The pie chart tracks our goal. Take a “bite of the pie” and Donate today.


Our small all-volunteer nonprofit is sending two American heroes (the real deal) to Africa through the donation of a generous donor (thanks John from Madubula Safaris).  Both of these elite spec ops warriors were severely injured in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have deployed in defense of our Nation numerous times and have participated in over 2,000 combat operations. Both face challenges to prepare for this trip.

  • Kevin is pursuing a cape buffalo with a bow and with his injuries will have to gain enough strength to use the bow required by the game laws of Africa.
  • Joe lost a leg and will have to prepare for the rough terrain to get his animal.

Both warriors have earned numerous awards. Between them both they have been awarded nine Bronze stars (several with valor device) and have several Purple Hearts. By donating through the Pay Pal Giving Fund , 100% of the funds go to our all-volunteer nonprofit. We in turn will use 100% of those funds to offset the cost of trophy fees, shipping costs, and any incidentals they incur. These two men have given so much for our Country and our Flag, will you help us with this project?  All donations are 100% deductible!

Thank you to our Co-Sponsor!

Thank you to our Co-Sponsors!

We are attempting to raise $50,000.00 for this trip.  We are asking if you do make a donation, send a picture with you and a pie (of your choice) to us and we’ll post your picture to a special Facebook Album highlighting everyone who chooses to stand with these true American heroes!

We will be doing unique hunting apparel for each retired spec ops warrior, companies can get a logo on the back of their shirts for a donations of $5,000.00

If you have any questions, feel free to email us.  Checks can be mailed to us at PO Box 6073 Tampa FL 33608, please mark “For Africa” in the comments of your check.

Curious side note:  Kevin was a Navy SEAL and had left the military prior to 9-11-01.  After that tragedy he contacted his old unit to see how he could help, they told him the fastest way into the fight was with the special forces who were already in Afghanistan.  He joined and went directly to the special forces “Q” course to become a Green Beret.  It was as a special forces A-Team member he sustained a gunshot wounded to his chest which caused his paralysis.