Simul ~ Nos Stare ~ FortisPresident – Dave Winters has been a part of the military family (Gold Star) for his entire life. His father was a Viet Nam veteran who served 24 years in the Air Force, his brother was an army signal corp soldier who lost his life during a training accident in Korea, he personally knows and works with many combat-wounded veterans (his heart has prepared him for serving others).  Dave himself served in the Air Force from 1979-1999 in the supply/logistics/resource management fields, ending his active duty career at MacDill AFB in Tampa Florida assigned to one of the joint commands. He currently works for the USAF as a government civilian for one of the combatant commands at MacDill AFB. His passion is to volunteer and give back to those who have sacrificed for their country. He along with a cadre of dedicated volunteers, many active duty or retired military with special skills, started and support the Black Dagger Military Hunt Club Inc., a public charity (EIN 45-4337304) that is partnered with the Veteran Affairs in Tampa, supports the United States Special Operations Care Coalition, other veteran nonprofits, and provides Adaptive Shooting, Hunting, and Fishing Programs for in/outpatients. Everything he and his team accomplishes is to equip – encourage – and enable our Nation’s warriors.

ryanVice President – Ryan Winters is a United States Coast Guard veteran who has traveled the world but calls Florida his home. He is an avid hunter, both rifle and bow, and is also the Adaptive Hunting Program lead for the team. He currently is a defense contractor working for one of the combatant commands at MacDill AFB. His focus is finding, testing, and implementing adaptive techniques for veterans who need equipment to enable their hunting and shooting experience. He tested and perfected the use of the I-Scope and I-Scope app for hunting with vision-impaired veterans. He is laser-focused on getting the veterans we serve out in the field to hunt and enjoys the camaraderie of their other brothers/sisters in arms!

Travis BiggarTreasurer – Travis Biggar, retired after 20 years of military service as a Financial Manager/Cost Estimator. During this period, his career started as enlisted in 1992 at Lackland AFB, TX and 4 years later was selected to join ROTC at the University of Texas. Upon his commission in 1998, he grew his finance expertise at Hanscom AFB, MA as an Acquisition Budget/Cost officer, then onto the Pentagon. During his assignment at the Pentagon, he was selected 1 of 600 applicants to enter into the Syracuse Defense Comptroller program, earning him 2 Masters degrees (one in Business [MBA] and the other Public Administration). He joined USSOCOM in 2009. While stationed at SOCOM, he volunteered to serve 1 year in Afghanistan, advising the Afghan Air Force Comptroller and as the J8/Comptroller for NATO Air Training Command-Afghanistan. He concluded his military career at USSOCOM in 2014. Today, he still serves as a contractor working for Jacobs Technologies as a Senior Cost Estimator.

bussey_bwSecretary – Allen Bussey, graduated from Northeastern Oklahoma University with a double major of Mathematics and Accounting. He then joined the Air Force through Officers Training School. He was assigned at Altus AFB, Hq SAC Offut AFB,and ASD Wright Patterson AFB.  Allen is medically retired. He is 100% disabled – VA rated total and permanent. He worked as Civil servant for 24 years 22 of which were at HQ SOCOM. He retired Dec 2013.

Note: All board members serve as volunteers, no one receives a salary or any form of compensation!

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