How can I get involved?

We rely on the veteran-supporting community and industry partners to stand with us to help our military heroes heal! There are many ways to get involved in supporting our events. Please contact us at dave@blackdaggermhc.org for information regarding volunteering or hosting a hunting, shooting, fishing or other outdoor event in your area. To assist with monetary or product donations, please visit our Support Page.

What type of events does Black Dagger MHC host?

Hunting  We hunt dove, quail, deer, wild boar, alligator and a host of other wild game. We have worked with our community partners and other agencies to build a solid program that keeps growing each year.

Shooting We host trap, clay, and regular shooting clinics throughout the year. We also host a large one-of-a-kind shooting competition that allows 20 veterans to compete in myriad of challenging events that test their skill and teamwork.

Fishing We host large (40+) and small (2-6) fishing charters throughout the year. We use the best fishing guides to allow our veterans the chance to land the big one!

What is the process for veterans to be selected for events?

We are a Community Partner with the James A. Haley VA Hospital’s Adaptive Sports Program. We also work with veterans through the United States Special Operations Care Coalition Veterans who are interested will have to register with these two groups. Along with these two groups, we work with several other veteran-support agencies to bring in veterans that we can assist with our state of the art adaptive equipment and techniques. We use these processes to ensure veterans are cleared health-wise to participate and enjoy our events.

Why, when, and where was our organization founded?

We developed our vision for the Black Dagger Military Hunt Cub Inc. (BDMHC Inc.) by seeing our Nation’s military heroes coming home with severe injuries and asking the question, “can I still do the things I loved prior to my injuries.” The healing that is found outdoors, whether woods or water, cannot be matched! We initially started working with veterans in 2010 and after a few years of funding the effort out of our own pockets, we filed for nonprofit status. We received our nonprofit public charity status in 2012. BDMHC Inc. is located and operates in Tampa, Florida.

Is Black Dagger truly an all-volunteer organization?

The short answer is yes! All officers and volunteers donate their time, talents, and resources to give back and honor our Nation’s real heroes! Please review our IRS forms 990 on Guide Star or visit the support page if you want to validate. You can also read our reviews on GreatNonProfits.org. Note: For calendar years 2012 to present, over 97% of all donations went directly to support veterans through our adaptive hunting, shooting, and our many other outdoors programs.

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